Mold remediation shouldn’t be dramatic or have such frightening stigmatisms of impending doom around it.

There are toxic molds that can lead to death but it depends on what type you have, where it’s located and what’s the source of the moisture. That’s why you need a trusted mold company to guide you down the path of the effects of mold and develop a proper, effective and certified remediation plan.

Trusted Mold Services specialty is in the removal of attic mold. Although we’re fully capable of a complete mold remediation, we have made a name for ourselves, primarily in the real estate world, after the discovery of mold in attics during a home inspection.

Trusted Mold Services utilizes the latest in mold remediation technology and proven products for application for mold removal.

For attics, remove the mold stain with MMR and then to get to the roots, and if needed, apply Shock Wave, a biocide to prevent mold growth.

All work is guaranteed.