Welcome to Trusted Mold Services
Serving the Chicagoland area since 2005

Put Your Family’s Trust in Us to Help You Breathe Easier.


    Welcome to Trusted Mold Services
    Serving the Chicagoland area since 2005

    Put Your Family’s Trust in Us to Help You Breathe Easier.



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      At Trusted Mold Services, we’re a faith based company that insures honesty, integrity and respect in regards to treating mold/mildew circumstances. From the initial inspection, plan, and treatment, our relationship is value guided, treating others how we would like to be treated, listening with intent, defining a purpose and insuring the best possible, honest solution to the problem.

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      Discovering you have mold is not the end of the world but it can feel like it if you don’t understand it. Trusted Mold Services wants to be sure that you completely understand enough about mold,how it came about, and how we’ll get it out to meet your full satisfaction.

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      “I’ve known Tom for over thirteen years and he’s never steered me wrong with his knowledge of mold and his passion for teaching about it. He’s probably done over a 100 Lunch and Learns for me, reaching out to thousands of brokers and agents over the years. Experiencing one of Tom’s presentations is not only informative but also entertaining. Never thought mold could be so enlightening. You almost feel sorry for it!”

      “From the moment I made the phone call, I knew I made the right choice. For as long as I spent on the phone asking questions, I never felt any discomfort from Brian or any preasure to end the call before I was confident that I had all the answers. Other companies seemed annoyed, like I was bothering them but not Trusted Mold Services. The actual inspection was detailed, the plan of action was followed to the “t”, the work was completed on time and one of the guys from the crew even helped me change some filters in my furnace.”

      “Trusted Mold Services lives up to their name. They say that they’re a faith based company and you can tell from the initial phone call to post remediation, you’re not left out in the cold. The team is polite, easy to get along with, you can ask questions and honestly get honest answers. I had no problem leaving them alone while I had to run some errands. It’s hard to find companies these days that you can trust.”

      “Finding out I had mold was not something I wanted to hear. Going online and searching mold companies is an arduous task. Sifting through websites that scare you half to death is not something that leaves you comfortable. After finding the Trusted Mold website, I knew my search was over. No scare tactics, very informative, easy to walk through and I was eager to make the call to see if the human element was as good as the internet element. It was better!”

      “Having a confident, informative and comforting voice on the other end assured me that my search was over. When Tom, the inspector showed up, he was on-time and fully equipped to inspect. He asked probing questions to find the cause of the mold before just asking where it was found. Once he explained the extebt of the problem, I was relieved that it wasn’t as bad as another company told me it was. They live up to their name, Trusted Mold Services. “

      “When a home inspector finds mold in an attic, that could be a potential deal breaker but not when you have Trusted Mold Services in your corner. All I have to do is pick up the phone, make one call and the next time I’ll even hear the word mold is at the closing when they present the papers that’s its gone. Mold is the least of my issues in selling a home.”

      “There are only two companies that I can trust with my real estate clients, one is Trusted Mold Services because I know they’re a faith based company and won’t use scare tactics for work and my attorney, who’s my son.”

      “Mold can be very scary because of a lack of knowledge. I’m not a mold expert and have never wanted to be one but when I had a feeling that I had it, it turned into a frightening ordeal until I got my assurance from Trusted Mold Services. From the first call, I got the impression that this was not a critical situation and that it could be treated without a lot of drama. After the inspection, it was confirmed that the source of the moisture was gone and the amount of mold that was evident was under the amount that the EPA requires to be treated by a mold company. Saved me a ton of dough and a lot of undue stress.”

      “If you’re going to work with Trusted Mold Services, you’re going to have to add no moisture, no mold to your vocabulary. It’s that simple, no moisture, no mold. From my first call with Brian, the inspection with Tom, to the crew that did the work, they kept saying, no moisture, no mold. I was informed that mold just needs three ingredients, moisture, food source and temperature. Take moisture from the equation and it can’t grow if it’s already started or it can’t start without out it. A simple answer to what other companies made very complex and tried to create work that didn’t exist. Gotta work with someone you trust.”

      “My wife was devastated when she found out that we had a mold issue in the basement after a water episode and another company had come-in and treated the basement. Mold is not covered by insurance unless you add it to the policy. The company that did the remediation work got their money from the insurance company and claimed that the mold that came after their work and it was our fault. Not the case at all. I was referred to Trusted Mold Services from a friend who knows them from church. They’re mold specialist who knows about mold and how to treat it. Knowing our circumstances, they were fair with their pricing and did more at no-charge to make the repairs that the other company failed to. I’d refer this company any day of the week.”

      “When you’re selling your home and an inspector finds mold in the attic, you’re first reaction is how did it get there? The next thing you want to do is get rid of it before the closing without having to pay a fortune. Trusted Mold Services uses a product, MMR that removes the staining and goes into the pores of the wood to break-up the root system. In seconds, the visible mold is gone and as long as the moisture source is gone, should never come back. Another beauty of using Trusted Mold Services is that they identify the source of the problem and make sure it’s fixed before they do the work for my protection and the future homeownmer.”

      “I manage over 300 rental properties throughout the city and I don’t have the time to be calling different mold companies when tenants have mold issues. We understand the need to get it taken care of right away so we just make one call to Trusted Mold Services. We know they’ll get out there right away, they won’t scare the tenants, in fact, they do a better job talking to the tenants than some of our own employees do and the treatment will be done quickly and within our budget. I don’t even take calls from other companies or meet with them because I trust these guys.”

      “I’ve been flipping houses for thirty years and back in the day, a spray bottle with some bleach and some paint with a mold inhibitor in it would do the trick. We’ve since discovered that that’s not probably the best way to go but there were no companies like Trusted Mold Services around at the time, a company that’s certified and can get the job done right. They’re a world class organization with employees that care. They even donate a portion of their earnings to a charity of my choosing. It’s all good all around.”

      “Even though some mold companies use the same product to remove the mold, you don’t get the same workmanship, character, or pride in their work. With Trusted Mold Services, they go beyond what you ask for. I’ve heard of other companies being referred to as “splash and dashers” but that’s unheard of with Trusted Mold Services. If the cause of the moisture in the attic is because the soffts are blocked, they’ll unblock them as part of the treatment. The inspector looks for the cause of the moisture, makes sure it’s fixed and will do a complete follow-up to be sure the mold is gone for good. Where else can you find that kind of fulfillment these days. They’re a must call if you’re getting quotes.”

      “When you have mold, you have to act fast, you can’t put it off because it’s a living organism that is constantly reproducing. Trusted Mold Services understands that and a human answers the phone or if you leave a message, they get back to you right away and they’ll do whatever it takes to be sure that you’re comfortable in the time frame that it takes for the inspection and the time it takes to get the work done. They’re used to working in tight time frames with 80% of their jobs are under the umbrella of the real- estate industry. They know that mold doesn’t take a second off and if you have it, it should be treated right away.”

      “We thought we had mold because our daughter was having allergic symptoms whenever she came home from college and slept in her room. After talking to the very knowledged person on the phone, we scheduled a free inspection to be sure just to be sure. Turns out that because we had no water incidents and the air in my daughters room was dry, the inspector suggested cleaning the air ducts. He explained that the air ducts are the lungs of the home and there are many allergens in the duct system. He referred someone from his network of contacts and as it turns out, that was it. He could have done all kinds of air testing and other things but because of his experience and knowledge, it saved us a lot of money and treated our daughters allergies.”